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Software download

The psignifit software and source code are available for download here. The current version is 2.5.6 - see the version history page for details of bug-fixes and other changes. Please read the license and disclaimer before downloading.

To download PDF versions of our research papers and other publications, go to the publications page. If you use the software in your research, please cite our two Perception and Psychophysics papers in your report.

Matlab toolbox

[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-6-tbx.tar.gz
494.4 kB
This archive contains text files (m-files) that implement various supporting functions under Matlab versions 5 and up. The C source code for the mex file is also included in the archive, along with compiled mex files for Windows, GNU/Linux on x86 and AMD64, and MacOS X on PPC and Intel. If a compiled version is not included for your platform, or if the mex file doesn't work for any (Matlab-version-related?) reason, you can either compile it yourself or download a pre-compiled older version.

Notes on installation and use of the toolbox can be found here.
[tar-gz] matlab-5-1-patches.tar.gz
694 Bytes
The functions above were developed using Matlab versions 5.2, 5.3 and 6.1 and should work with those versions. They are also broadly compatible with version 5.1, although this version of Matlab lacks many useful functions and programming structures that were not introduced until later. I have programmed around this where I can, but in a few cases it was easier simply to re-write some of the functions that came as part of Matlab release. The functions in this archive are intended to replace or overshadow the Matlab functions of the same names, and are only required if you are running Matlab 5.1 or 5.0. (N.B. I have not had the chance to test the toolbox on Matlab 5.0, so there might be further problems there...)
[tar-gz] pfcmp-2-5-41-tbx.tar.gz
41.3 kB
This is , an extension to the toolbox. It contains various graphical goodies, but its main purpose is to compare two sets of psychophysical data by using the engine to run Monte Carlo simulations. The archive consists of m-files which are designed to run under Matlab 5.2 and up. See the help comments in pfcmp.m for details.

Standalone command-line utility

[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-6-bin.tar.gz
399.4 kB
The standalone package has been compiled for a number of different platforms. It consists of a binary called psignifit (or psignifit.exe under Windows), a few documentation files and example data and configuration files (see the standalone page for a manifest and a brief introduction). The binary is designed to be called from the command line (except under MacOS versions 9 and below). The standalone distribtion now also contains the C source code. If a compiled version is not included for your platform, you can either compile it yourself or download a pre-compiled older version.

Previous versions of binaries

Old versions of precompiled standalone binaries and mex files are available here for a slightly different range of platforms.

platform standalone mex file
[zip] psignifit-2-5-41-win32-bin.zip
88.2 kB
[zip] psignifit-2-5-41-win32-mex.zip
65.2 kB
under Win32
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-cygwin-bin.tar.gz
88.3 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-linux-bin.tar.gz
121.9 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-linux-mex.tar.gz
61.6 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-solaris-bin.tar.gz
126.9 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-solaris-mex.tar.gz
111.9 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-freebsd-bin.tar.gz
83.4 kB
Digital UNIX
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-digital-bin.tar.gz
113.4 kB
(Darwin command-line)
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-darwin-bin.tar.gz
86.8 kB
[tar-gz] psignifit-2-5-41-darwin-mex.tar.gz
74.1 kB
MacOS Classic
(System 7.x-9.x)
[zip] psignifit-2-5-41-macos-bin.zip
145.2 kB
[sit] psignifit-2-5-41-macos-mex.sit
86.4 kB